• Kenneth Richard Cossin

    Course Director at Full Sail University
    Past-President of the AMA-Orlando


    I am a passionate, energetic, and influential business executive with ability to take responsibility for brand management, content creation, and corporate communications. I have a "can do" attitude with a strategic vision. I am a self-starter with exceptional instincts and work well with teams.

    Current Industry Experience:
    Professor of Marketing at Full Sail University in the Internet Marketing degree teaching a wide range of classes in content marketing strategy, new media distribution channels, mobile and emerging technology marketing, personal branding, and storytelling.
    Past-President of the American Marketing Association - Orlando


    Industry Specialties:
    Leadership, public speaking, published author and photographer, on-camera talent, mentor

    Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. - Judy Garland

    The Los Angeles Film School

    Course Director Entertainment Business

    Jan 2015 - Jan 2016



    Teach students how to analyze entertainment media distribution channels to determine how to market and deploy their entertainment products and services via a multitude of channels including social media, digital distribution, and streaming services.


    Visit my college at: http://lafilm.edu

    Full Sail University

    Course Director Digital Marketing

    Nov 2008 - present



    Teach personal branding, online communication, blogging, collaboration, resume writing, content management, and mobile marketing at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, USA
    Adjunct Professor for New Media Marketing, IMMS
    Adjunct Professor for Marketing Campaign Development, IMMS

    Visit my university at: http://www.fullsail.edu

    Full Sail University

    Course Director in Music Business
    Jul 2009 - Sep 2009

    Taught the marketing and new media class three months prior to student graduation.

    GrayRobinson, P.A.

    Web Master/Help Desk Specialist
    Mar 2006 - Nov 2008

    Marketing and IT professional. Trained new attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries. Fielded IT hardware/software support phone calls. Created marketing materials and maintained Website and Intranet for Firm.

    Orange County Government

    Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) Administrator
    Sep 1998 - Mar 2006

    Directed all aspects of environmental data and daily operation of environmental laboratory operations from staff coordination and purchasing to fiscal budgeting. Staff trainer and teacher. Created and edited marketing materials for reports, distribution, and data analysis.

    State of Florida

    Environmental Specialist II
    Feb 1996 - Sep 1998

    Editor-in-Chief of the State of Florida Ambient Newsletter, creator and designer of our Biological summaries, database administrator. Inter-agency trainer, teacher, and conference organizer / presenter.

    St. Johns River Water Management District

    Environmental Specialist II
    Mar 1995 - Mar 1996

    Database administrator for the Upper St Johns River Division. Co-author of "Water Quality of Lake Washington."

    St. Johns River Water Management District

    Environmental Specialist
    Oct 1993 - Mar 1995

    STORET Water Quality Database Coordinator for the surface water division

    Our future growth relies on competitiveness and innovation, skills and productivity... and these in turn rely on the education of our people. - Julia Gillard

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    Content Marketing
    Mobile and Emerging Tech Marketing
    New Media Marketing
    Kenneth Cossin - Leadership


    Kenneth Cossin - Guest Lecture with Paige Davis


    Kenneth Cossin - Grad Fest


    Traditional Media
    Digital media
    Social Media
    Kenneth Cossin - Les Invalides



    Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. - Steve Jobs

    Stephanie Swanson

    Associate Director, Global Marketing at Quintiles

    Ken is an absolute joy to work with. Not only was Ken very detail-oriented when we completed course projects together at Rollins, but he was also very skilled at anything having to do with using communication technology programs and applications. I like to consider Ken our "go-to guy" whenever either myself or a classmate needed assistance with a technology question or concept. Ken is very solutions-focused, articulate when he speaks and writes, and gets the job done -- I would never hesitate to recommend him!

    Rey Laygo

    Internet Marketer & Content Marketing, Mobile Marketer, Sales & Business Development

    Kenneth Cossin, is an extraordinary teacher. He help me understand the foundations of IT. I really enjoyed his posts and responses to other students in all our discussion forums and wimba sessions.

    Rey Laygo
    "Student" of Internet Marketing from Full Sail University

    Steven Yonts

    Internet Marketing and Social Media Expert

    Kenneth Cossin is superb Course Director at Full Sail University. Ken is very knowledgeable of Online Marketing, Social Media, and IT communications. It was a pleasure to have him as an instructor while I was pursuing my Bachelor's degree at Full Sail.

    Lisa Bender

    Paralegal at GrayRobinson, P.A.

    Ken was a pleasure to deal with while solving my computer issues. I knew that Ken had the knowledge to assist me so that I could complete my task in a timely manner for my supervisor. His spirit always generated a smile and I miss working with him tremendously.

    Seth Manning

    Blogger at Appubble

    Kenenth, was not only an amazing professor, he was kind, curteous and understanding. His knowledge of the Internet Marketing field was fantastic as was his ability to pass on the knowledge to his students.

    Dave Weston

    National Marketing Manager at BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY™

    Kenneth is a great professor! He was my Online Communications and Intro to Mobile Advertising professor, and made these classes some of the most user-friendly courses within the entire curriculum. He is very easy to communicate with and truly strives to guide his students to a better understanding of their studies and industry.

    I consider him to be a great example of how to guide consumers to an ultimate goal… keep it simple, be there for their concerns, and design a system based on quality content, automation, leadership, and simplicity.

    Kevin Akin

    Operations Officer at Aspen/Pitkin County Airport

    Kenneth is an excellent instructor who cares for his students' well being. He is probably one of the smartest individuals i've ever met, with a bright personality and a professional persona, i'd recommend him for any job!

    Elizabeth Neff

    President, Buzz Entertainment PR; Course Director, Full Sail University

    Kenneth is passionate, dedicated and hard working. He is a joy to be around and brightens the office with his personality. In addition to being Internet savvy, he is a talented photographer. His creativity knows no limits and you will want him on your team.

    Nell Thompson

    Vice President of Academic Innovation at Full Sail University

    Ken is one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated educators that we have in the Internet Marketing education departments. We are very fortunate to have Ken as part of the Full Sail family. He is always prepared to take on more work and always makes himself accessible to the entire Full Sail team.

    Stephanie Swanson

    Associate Director, Global Marketing at Quintiles

    I had the pleasure of working with Ken during our tenure in the MACCT program at Rollins College and I can't emphasize enough Ken's creativity and attention to detail when executing projects. I was always impressed with Ken's communication skills, whether written, in a group setting or via a team presentation. Adding to the mix, Ken's consistently upbeat attitude makes him a pleasure to know both professionally and personally. I would highly recommend Ken to anyone looking for a skilled communications professional!

    Candace Alcorn

    Candace Alcorn is a Marketing, Career Placement, Management, and Training Specialist at Full Sail University

    Ken is one of the most positive and helpful people I know. Everything he does, he gives 100%, and no matter what I ask of him he says, "Sure, I'd be happy to." Additionally, he proactively offers to help anyone needing assistance. The students love his class, and just as in every other area, he gives his all to them. I'm delighted Ken and his talents are part of our Internet Marketing program.

    Keith Lay

    Composer / Producer/ Music Production Department Chair Full Sail University

    Ken's sunny disposition and love of work shone through rain and shine. This quality along with his fine logical mind, made him an excellent trainer. Folks felt at ease with his comportment, getting to work quickly - and were able to accomplish the important task of learning through well conceived and executed design. Even when asked to do last minute classes Ken never failed to be a star team player, lending humor, empathy and intelligence to our team.

    Terry Weber

    New Media Professional, Interactive Marketing Specialist, Educator at Full Sail University

    Ken is very smart and knows his stuff. I frequently go to him with questions. He's a pleasure to work with and a wonderful teacher.

    Heather Skowron, MS, CPO

    Editor-in-Chief at Florida Environmental Health Association

    I have joked with Ken before that he has spoiled me for future supervisors! Ken understood that by giving me the tools for success, he succeeded right along with me. Cross-training was very uncommon in our work environment, but Ken allowed me to learn extra skills that made me more valuable to the organization. I have since used those same skills to obtain and excel in future positions. He isn't afraid to stand up for others and he protects and promotes those who report to him as much as he can. Ken is personable, understanding, and respectful. I'm grateful for the help he gave me when I was starting my career. I cannot imagine a more ideal supervisor.

    Luis E. Garcia

    Vice President of Online Education at Full Sail University

    Kenneth is a passionate instructor eager to do whatever necessary for his students to learn and succeed. His an example to follow.

    Rob Croll

    Program Director, Internet Marketing Degree Programs at Full Sail University

    Ken's a diligent, dedicated instructor committed to the success of the students in his class. He's creative and personable, and works hard to engage the students to assist them in the learning process. As a colleague, he's equally committed to helping others achieve their goals and a pleasure to work with.

    Doug Rutledge

    Financial Analyst & Business Development at Ripley Entertainment

    Ken has an extremely strong work ethic, and approaches every task with detail and thoroughness. I would recommend Ken to anyone who seeks his leadership.

    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela

    Rollins College
    Winter Park, Florida

    Master of Arts (M.A.) Corporate Communication and Technology


    New and Emerging Communication Technologies
    Corporate Communication and Work Teams
    Internet Commerce
    Computer Mediated Communication
    Introduction to Graduate Studies
    Global Corporate Practicum
    Management of Communication Technology
    Leadership and Corporate Communication
    Conflict Management and Crisis Planning
    Ethics and Law in Corporate Communication and Technology

    Activities: Florida Communications Association

    University of Central Florida
    Orlando, Florida

    Bachelor of Science in Engineering Environmental Engineering

    Activities: Civil Engineering Society
    Society for the Advancement of Management


    Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey. -  Vera Nazarian


    A man's character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation. - Mark Twain